The Astronomy Abbreviation / Acronym List

Compiled by James Marshall
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Last Updated on November 1, 2006
Total abbrev/acro count: 806

[Feel free to distribute it as you like, but preferably as the complete list with all headers, footers, etc. intact. And remember, if you have any new abbreviations or acronyms of this type that I can add to this list, please e-mail me with them so that I can update my list! Some abbrevs/acros are listed more than once with a different definition; these are only counted once in the total count given above. So the total count is for different abbrevs/acros, not different definitions.]

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A&A             Astronomy and Astrophysics
AACS            Attitude and Articulation Control Subsystem
AAO             Anglo-Australian Observatory
AAS             American Astronomical Society
AAS		American Astronautical Society
AAVSO           American Association of Variable Star Observers
AC              Atlas Centaur
ACE             Advanced Composition Explorer
ACF             Automated Control Function
ACR             Active Cavity Radiometer
ACRIM           ACR Irradiance Monitor
ACRV            Assured Crew Return Vehicle
ACRV		Astronaut Crew Rescue Vehicle
ACTS            Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
ADEOS           Advanced Earth Observing Satellite
ADFRF           Ames-Dryden Flight Research Facility
ADS             Astrophysical Data System (at Havard-Smithsonian CfA)
ADS             Aitken Double Star catalog
AE              Arianespace SA, Paris
AEPI            Atmospheric Emissions Photometric Imaging
AF              Air Force
AFETR           USAF's ETR
AFGWC           Air Force Global Weather Center
AFP             Air Force Program
AFPRO           Air Force Plan Representative Office
AFRSI           Advanced FRSI
AFWTR           USAF's WTR
AGB		Asymptotic Giant Branch
AGE             Auxiliary Ground Equipment
AGN             Active Galactic Nucleus
AGU             American Geophysical Union
AIAA            American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIPS            Astronomical Image Processing System
AIRS            Atmospheric Infrared Sounder
AJ              Astronomical Journal
ALAE            Atmospheric Lyman-Alpha Emissions
ALDP            Advanced Launch Development Program
ALEXIS          Array of Low Energy X-ray Imaging Sensors
ALPO            Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers
ALS             Advanced Launch System
AMOS            Air Force Maui Optical System
AMSR            Advanced Microwave Sounding Radiometer
ANSI            American National Standards Institute
AOA             Abort Once Around (shuttle abort plan)
AOA             Angle Of Attack
AOCS            Attitude and Orbit Control System
APE             Auroral Photography Experiment
ApJ             Astrophysical Journal
APL             Applied Physics Laboratory (at Johns Hopkins)
APM             Attached Pressurized Module (a.k.a. Columbus)
APM             Atmospheric Particle Monitor
APT             Automatic Picture Transmission
APT             Automatic Photoelectric Telescope
APU             Auxiliary Power Unit
ARC             Ames Research Center (NASA)
ARC             Astrophysical Research Consortium
ARISTOTELES     Applications and Research Involving Space Technologies Observing the Earth's Field from Low Earth Orbiting Satellite
ARRL            American Radio Relay League
ARTEMIS         Advanced Relay TEchnology MISsion
ASA             Astronomical Society of the Atlantic
ASCO            Arab Satellite Communications Organization
ASE             Advanced Space Engine
ASEM            Assembly of Station by EVA Methods
ASI             Agenzia Spaziale Italiano
ASP             Astronomical Society of the Pacific
ASRM            Advanced Solid Rocket Motor
ASS             Antenna Support Structure
ASTER           Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection
ASTRO           Space astrophysics laboratory
ATAL            Alternate Transoceanic Abort Landing
ATCS            Active Thermal Control System
ATDRS           Advanced Tracking and Data Relay Satellite
ATLAS           Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications and Science
ATM             Amateur Telescope Maker
ATM		Apollo Telescope Mount (on Skylab)
ATMOS           Atmospheric Trace Molecule Spectroscopy
ATO             Abort To Orbit
ATSR            Along Track Scanning Radiometer
AU              Astronomical Unit
AURA            Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy
AVHRR           Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
AW&ST           Aviation Week and Space Technology
AXAF            Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility

BAe             British Aerospace
BATSE           Burst And Transient Source Experiment
BBXRT           Broad-Band X-Ray Telescope
BC              Bolometric Correction
BD              Bonner Durchmusterung (catalog)
BDB             Big Dumb Booster
BECO            Booster Engine Cutoff
BEM             Bug-Eyed Monster
BFC             Backup Flight Computer
BFCS            Backup Flight Control System
BFS             Backup Flight System
BH              Black Hole
BIMA            Berkeley Illinois Maryland Array
BIMDA           Bioserve-Instrumentation Technology Associate Materials Dispersion Analysis
BMDO            Ballistic Missile Defense Office
BMFT            Bundesministerium fuer Forschung und Technologie
BNSC            British National Space Centre

C&T             Communications & Tracking
CADH            Communications and Data Handling
CARA            Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica
CASCA           Canadian Astronomical Society
CASSINI         Saturn orbiter and Titan probe
CATS            Cheap Access To Space
CBR             Cosmic Background Radiation
CCAFS           Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
CCD             Charge-Coupled Device
CCDS            Centers for the Commercial Development of Space
CCRS            Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
CCSDS           Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
CD-ROM          Compact Disk Read-Only Memory
CDA             Command and Data Acquisition
CDDT            Countdown demonstration Test
CDM             Cold Dark Matter
CDS             Command and Data Subsystem
CEA             Center for EUV Astrophysics
CELSS           Controlled Ecological Life Support System
CERES           Clouds and Earth's Radiant Energy System
CETA            Crew and Equipment Translation Aid
CfA             Harvard-Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics
CFC             ChloroFluoroCarbon
CFF             Columbus Free Flyer
CFHT            Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
CfPA            Center For Particle Astrophysics (Berkeley)
CFRP            Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic
CG              Center of Gravity
CGF             Crystal Growth Furnace
CGRO            Compton Gamma Ray Observatory
CHARA           Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy
CIRRIS          Cryogenic InfraRed Radiance Instrument for Shuttle
CIS             Commonwealth of Independent States
CIT             Circumstellar Imaging Telescope
CITA            Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
CITE            Cargo Integration Test Equipment
CLAES           Cryogenic Limb Array Etalon Spectrometer
CM              Command Module
CM              Center of Mass
CM              Central Meridian
CMB             Cosmic Microwave Background
CMBR            Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
CMCC            Central Mission Control Centre
CNES            Centre National d'Etude Spatiales
CNO             Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen
CNSR            Comet Nucleus Sample Return
COBE            COsmic Background Explorer
COMPTEL         COMPton TELescope
COMSAT          Communications Satellite (Corporation)
COSTAR          Corrective Optics Space Telescope Axial Replacement
CPCG            Commercial Protein Crystal Growth
CR              Correlation Radiometer
CRAF            Comet Rendezvous/Asteroid Flyby
CREAM           Cosmic Radiation Effects and Activatiom Monitor
CRIM            Commercial Refrigerator Incubator Module
CRISTA          Cryogenic Infrared Spectrometer Telescope for Atmosphere
CRL             Communication Research Lab
CRRES           Combined Release/Radiation Effects Satellite
CSA             Canadian Space Agency
CSIRO           Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
CSM             Command and Service Module
CSTC            Consolidated Satellite Test Center
CTIO            Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory
CV              Cataclysmic Variable
CXBR            Cosmic X-ray Background Radiation
CYSB            Cape York Space Base
CYSF            Cape York Space Facility
CYSP            Cape York Space Port
CZCS            Coastal Zone Color Scanner

DAC             Delayed Action Command
DACS            DATA Acquisition and Control Subsystem
DAO             Dominion Astrophysical Observatory
DARA            Deutsche Agentur fuer Raumfahrtangelegenheiten
DARPA           Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DC              Delta Clipper
DCA             Defense Communications Agency
DCCS            Dynamic Cell Culture System
DCX             Delta Clipper eXperimental
DDCU            DC-to-DC Converter Unit
DDTE            Design, Development, Test, and Evaluation
Dec             Declination
DESAT           Desaturation
DFRC            Dryden Flight Research Center
DFRF            Dryden Flight Research Facility
DIRBE           Diffuse Infrared Background Experiment
DLR             Deutsche Forschungsanstalt fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt
DM		Dark Matter
DMR             Differential Microwave Radiometer
DMSP            Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
DOD             Department Of Defense
DOE             Department Of Energy
DOE             Department of Education
DOE             Department of the Environment
DOMSAT          Domestic Satellite
DOR             Differenced One-way Range
DOT             Department Of Transportation
DPM             Drop Physics Module
DPSS            DATA Processing Services Subsystem
DRAO            Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory
DRSS            DATA Relay Satellite System
DSCS            Defense Satellite Communications System
DSN             Deep Space Network
DSO             Detailed Supplementary Objective
DSP             Defense Support Program
DSS             Deep Space Station
DSSC            Deep Space Station Complex

E               Elliptical (for galaxies)
EAFB            Edwards Air Force Base
ECO             Eternally Collapsing Object
ECS             Environmental Control System
EDC             EROS Data Center
EDO             Extended Duration Orbiter
EDOMP           EDO Medical Project
EDRS            European Data Relay Satellite
EDS             Electronic Data Systems
EGRET           Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope
EJASA           Electronic Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic
ELDO            European Launcher Development Organisation
ELV             Expendable Launch Vehicle
EMU             Extravehicular Mobility Unit
ENAC            Energetic Neutral Atom Camera
ENACEOS         ENAC for EOS
ENAP            Energetic Neutral Atom Precipitation
ENSO            El Nino/Southern Oscillation
EODC            Earth Observation Data Centre
EOS             Earth Observing System
EOS             Electrophoresis Operations in Space
EOSP            Earth Observing Scanning Polarimeter
EPD             Energetic Particles Detector
ER              Eastern Range
ERBE            Earth Radiation Budget Experiment
EROS            Earth Resources Observations System
ERS             Earth Resources Satellite
ERS             European Remote Sensing
ERS             Environmental Research Satellite
ESA             European Space Agency
ESIS            European Space Information System
ESO             European Southern Observatory
ESOC            European Space Operations Centre
ESPC            European Space Power Conference
ESRIN           European Space Research Institute
ESRO            European Space Research Organisation
ESTEC           European Space Research and Technology Centre
ET              External Tank
ET              Ephemeris Time
ETE             End-to-End
ETM             Enhanced Thematic Mapper
ETR             Eastern Test Range
EUMETSAT        European Meterological Satellite Organisation
EURECA          European Retrievable Carrier
EUTELSAT        European Telecommunications Satellite Organization
EUV             Extreme UltraViolet
EUVE            Extreme UltraViolet Explorer
EVA             Extravehicular Activity

FAP             Freedom Attached Payloads
FAST            Fast Auroral SnapshoT explorer
FBV             Fuel Bleed Valve
FEM             Flight-Engineering Model
FFCC            Free-Flyer Control Centre
FFT             Fast Fourier Transform
FGS             Fine Guidance Sensors
FHST            Fixed Head Star Trackers
FIR             Far InfraRed
FIRAS           Far InfraRed Absolute Spectrophotometer
FITS            Flexible Image Transport System
FOC             Faint Object Camera
FOLD            Federally-Owned LANDSAT Data
FOS             Faint Object Spectrograph
FPD             Flight Projects Directorate
FPM             Fiber Pulling in Microgravity
FRC             Flight Research Center
FRED            Space Station Freedom
FRF             Flight Readiness Firing
FRR             Flight-Readiness Review
FRSI            Flexible Reusable Surface Insulation
FTS             Flight Telerobotic Servicer
FUSE            Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer
FWHM            Full Width at Half Maximum

GAS             Get-Away Special
GBT             Green Bank Telescope
GC		Galactic Center
GC		Globular Cluster
GCVS            General Catalog of Variable Stars
GDCLS           General Dynamics Commercial Launch Services
GDS             Great Dark Spot
GEM             Giotto Extended Mission
GEM             Graphite Epoxy Motor
GEO             Geosynchronous Earth Orbit
GEODSS          Ground-based Electro-optical Deep-space Surveillance System
GGM             Goskogidromet/Gidromettsentr
GHA             Greenwich Hour Angle
GHRS            Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph
GIF             Graphics Interchange Format
GISS            Goddard Institute for Space Studies
GLOMR           Global Low-Orbiting Message Relay
GMC             Giant Molecular Cloud
GMRT            Giant Meter-wave Radio Telescope
GMS             Geostationary Meterological Satellite
GMT             Greenwich Mean Time
GNC             Guidance, Navigation, and Control
GOES            Geostationary Orbiting Environmental Satellite
GOMOS           Global Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of Stars
GOMR            Global Ozone Monitoring Radiometer
GOSAMR          Gelation of Soils: Applied Microgravity Research
GOX             Gaseous OXygen
GPC             General Purpose Computer
GPPF            Gravitational Plant Physiology Facility
GPS             Global Positioning System
GR              General Relativity
GRO             Gamma Ray Observatory
GRS             Gamma Ray Spectrometer
GRS		Great Red Spot
GRTLS           Glide RTLS
GRU             Glavnoye Razvedivatel'noye Upravileniye
GSC             Guide Star Catalog
GSFC            Goddard Space Flight Center
GSO             GeoSynchronous earth Orbit
GST             Greenwich Sidereal Time
GTO             Geostationary Transfer Orbit
GUGK            Glavnoye Upravileniye Geodesii i Kartografii

HAINS           High Accuracy Inertial Navigation System
HALOE           Halogen Occultation Experiment
HAO             High Altitude Observatory
HB		Horizontal Branch
HCI             Highes Communications, Inc
HCMM            Heat Capacity Mapping Mission
HD              Henry Draper catalog entry
HDE             Henry Draper Extension
HDM		Hot Dark Matter
HEAO            High Energy Astronomical Observatory
HeRA            Hermes Robotic Arm
HF              High Frequency
HGA             High Gain Antenna
HH              Hitchhiker
HIRDLS          High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder
HIRIS           High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
HIRS            High Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder
HJD             Helicentric Julian Date
HLC             Heavy Lift Capability
HLV             Heavy Lift Vehicle
HMC             Halley Multicolor Camera
HOTOL           HOrizontal TakeOff and Landing
HPFTP           High Pressure Fuel Turbopump
HPOTP           High Pressure Oxidizer Turbopump
HR              Hertzsprung-Russell
HRDI            High Resolution Doppler Imager
HRMS            High Resolution Microwave Survey
HRI             High Resolution Imager
HRPT            High Resolution Picture Transmission
HRSC            High Resolution Stereo Camera
HRSI            High-temperature Reusable Surface Insulation
HRSR            High-Resolution Scanning Radiometer
HSP             High Speed Photometer
HST             Hubble Space Telescope
HTHL            Horizontal Takeoff Horizontal Landing
HTVL            Horizontal Takeoff Vertical Landing
HUT             Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope
HV              High Voltage

IAPPP           International Amateur/Professional Photoelectric Photometry
IAU             International Astronomical Union
IAUC            IAU Circular
IBSS            Infrared Background Signature Survey
IC              Index Catalog
ICE             International Cometary Explorer
IDA             International Dark-sky Association
IDL             Interactive Data Language
IFEA            Integrated Furnace Experiment Assembly
IGBP            International Geosphere/Biosphere Programme
IGM             InterGalactic Medium
IGY             International Geophysical Year
IKI             Institut Kosmischeskikh Issledovaniya
IVT             Interface Verification Test
IML             International Microgravity Lab
IMO             International Meteor Organization
IMU             Inertial Measurement Unit
INCO            Integrated Communications Officer
INMARSAT        International Maritime Satellite
INTELSAT        International Telecommunications Satellite
IoA             Institute Of Astronomy (Cambridge)
IOBM            In Ocean By Mistake
IOC             In-Orbit Checkout and Calibration
IOTA            Infrared-Optical Telescope Array
IOTA            International Occultation Timing Association
IPAC            Infrared Processing & Analysis Center
IPMP            Investigations into Polymer Membrane Processing
IPS             Inertial Pointing System
IR              InfraRed
IRAF            Image Reduction and Analysis Facility
IRAS            InfraRed Astronomical Satellite
IRFNA           Inhibited Red Fuming Nitric Acid
ISAMS           Improved Stratospheric and Mesospheric Sounder
ISAS            Institute of Space AND Astronautical Science
ISEP            Isolated/Stabilized Exercise Platform
ISM             InterStellar Medium
ISO             Imaging Spectrometic Observatory
ISO             Infrared Space Observatory
ISO             International Standards Organization
ISPM            International Solar Polar Mission
ISRO            Indian Space Research Organisation
ISTS            Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science
ISU             International Space University
ISY             International Space Year
ISZ             Iskusstvenniy Sputnik Zemli
IUE             International Ultraviolet Explorer
IUS             Inertial Upper Stage

JAEL            JSC Avionics Engineering Laboratory
JCMT            James Clerk Maxwell Telescope
JD              Julian Date; Julian Day (Number)
JEM             Japanese Experiment Module
JERS            Japanese Earth Resources Satellite
JGR             Journal of Geophysical Research
JILA            Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics
JPL             Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JSC             Johnson Space Center

KAO             Kuiper Airborne Observatory
KB              Construction Bureau
KPM             Kometen, Planetoiden, Meteore
KPNO            Kitt Peak National Observatory
KSC             Kennedy Space Center
KTB             Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary

LAGEOS          Laser Geodynamics Satellite
LASCO           Large Angle Spectrometric Coronograph
LANL            Los Alamos National Laboratory
LaRC            Langley Research Center
LC              Launch Complex
LDEF            Long Duration Exposure Facility
LEDA            On-line Earthnet Data Access
LEM             Lunar Excursion Module
LEO             Low Earth Orbit
LeRC            Lewis Research Center
LEST            Large Earth-based Solar Telescope
LFC             Large Format Camera
LGA             Low Gain Antenna
LGM             Little Green Men
LH              Liquid Hydrogen
LHA             Local Hour Angle
LIS             Lightning Imaging Sensor
LLNL            Lawrence-Livermore National Laboratory
LM              Lunar Module
LMC             Large Magellanic Cloud
LN2             Liquid Nitrogen
LOX             Liquid OXygen
LPO             La Palma Observatory
LPV             Long Period Variable
LRB             Liquid Rocket Booster
LRSI            Low-temperature Reusable Surface Insulation
LSR             Local Standard of Rest
LST             Local Sidereal Time
LTP             Lunar Transient Phenomenon
LY              Light Year (usu. ly)

M               Messier
MACHO		MAssive Compact Halo Object
MACRO           Monopoles, Astrophysics, and Cosmic Ray Observatory
MACS            Modular Attitude Control System
MARS            Series of Soviet Mars spacecraft
MAS             Millimeter-wave Atmospheric Sounder
MB              Manned Base
MBB             Messerschmitt-Belkow-Blohm
MCC             Mission Control Center
MCCC            Maragone Convection on Closed Containers
MDSSC           McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Corp
MECO            Main Engine CutOff; Magnetospheric Eternally Collapsing Object
MET             Mission Elapsed Time
MEV             Mars Excursion Vehicle
MFPE            Misson From Planet Earth
MFV             Main Fuel Valve
MIMR            Multifrequency Imaging Microwave Radiometer
MITI            Ministry of International Trade and Industry
MISR            Multiangle Imaging Spectro-Radiometer
MJD             Modified Julian Date
ML              Mobile Launcher
MLI             Multi-Layer Insulation
MLP             Mobile Launch Platform
MLS             Microwave Limb Sounder
MMCC            Mission Management and Control Centre
MMH             MonoMethyl Hydrazine
MMPO            Mission Management and Planning Office
MMS             Multi-mission Modular Spacecraft
MMT             Multiple Mirror Telescope
MMU             Manned Maneuvering Unit
MNRAS           Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
MOC             Mars Observer Camera
MODE            Middeck Zero-Gravity Dynamics Experiment
MODIS           Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
MODIS-N         MODIS-Nadir
MODIS-T         MODIS-Tilt
MOL             Manned Orbiting Laboratory
MOLA            Mars Observer Laser Altimeter
MOMS		Modular Optoelectronic Multispectral/Stereo Scanner
MOMV            Manned Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle
MOPITT          Measurements of Pollution in the Troposphere
MOTV            Manned Orbital Transfer Vehicle
MPC             Minor Planets Circular
MPEC            Multi-Purpose Experiment Canister
MPESS           Multiple Purpose Experiment Support Structure
MRIR            Medium Resolution Infrared Radiometer
MRO             Memory Read-Out
MRSR            Mars Rover and Sample Return
MRSRM           Mars Rover and Sample Return Mission
MS              Main Sequence
MSFC            Marshall Space Flight Center
MSOCC           Multisatellite Operations Control Center
MSS             Multispectral Scanner
MSU             Microwave Sounding Unit
MTC             Man Tended Capability
MTFF            Columbus Man-Tended Free-Flyer
MTPE            Mission To Planet Earth
MVI             Microgravity Vestibular Investigation

NACA            National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics
NAS             Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation
NASA            National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASDA           NAtional Space Development Agency
NASM            National Air and Space Museum
NASP            National AeroSpace Plane
NBS             National Bureau of Standards
NDV             NASP Derived Vehicle
NESDIS          National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service.
NERVA           Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application
NGC             New General Catalog
NGT             NASA Ground Terminal
NICMOS          Near Infrared Camera/Multi Object Spectrometer
NIMS            Near Infrared Mapping Spectrometer
NIR             Near InfraRed
NIST            National Institute for Standards and Technology
NLDP            National Launch Development Program
NOAA            National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAO            National Optical Astronomy Observatories
NOCC            Network Operations Control Center
NORAD           NORth American aerospace Defense
NPO             Scientific Production Organization
NPOE            NPO Energiya
NPO-PM          NPO Prikladnoi Mekhaniki
NRAO            National Radio Astronomy Observatory
NRL             Naval Research Laboratory
NRSC            National Remote Sensing Centre
NRO             National Reconnaissance Office
NRSC            National Remote Sensing Centre
NS              Neutron Star
NSA             National Security Agency
NSF             National Science Foundation
NSI             NASA Science Internet / NASA Standard Initiator / National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service
NSO             National Solar Observatory
NSSDC           National Space Science Data Center
NTR             Nuclear Thermal Rocket(ry)
NTT             New Technology Telescope

OAO             Orbiting Astronomical Observatory
OARE            Orbital Acceleration Research Experiment
OCGF            Organic Crystal Growth Facility
OCST            Office of Commercial Space Transportation
OCTS            Ocean Color and Temperature Scanner
OCTW            Optical Communications Through the shuttle Window
OGO		Orbiting Geosurvey Observatories
OMB             Office of Management and Budget
OMDP            Orbiter Maintenance Down Period
OMS             Orbital Maneuvering System
OPF             Orbiter Processing Facility
ORBI            Stock ticker symbol for OSC
ORFEUS          Orbiting and Retrievable Far and Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometer
OSC             Orbital Sciences Corporation
OSCAR           Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
OSS             Office of the Space Station
OSSA            Office of Space Science and Applications
OSSE            Oriented Scintillation Spectrometer Experiment
OSTP            Office of Science and Technology Policy
OTA             Optical Telescope Assembly
OTFE            Oscillatory Thermocapillary Flow Experiment
OTHB            Over The Horizon Backscatter
OTV             Orbital Transfer Vehicle
OV              Orbital Vehicle

PAM             Payload Assist Module
PAM-D           Payload Assist Module, Delta-class
PARE            Physiological and Anatomical Rodent Experiment
PASS            Primary Avionics Software System
PC              ParseC (usu. pc)
PCG             Protein Crystal Growth experiment
PCGG            PCG Glovebox
PCT             Photometric Calibration Test
PDE             Particle Dispersion Experiment
PDRS            Payload Deployment and Retrieval System
PDS             Planetary Data System
PEM             Payload Electronics Module
PEM             Particle Environment Monitor
PHA             Physics and Astronomy
PI              Principal Investigator
PLB             Payload Bay
PLBD            Payload Bay Doors
PLSS            Portable Life Support System
PM              Pressurized Module
PMC             Permanently Manned Capability
PMIRR           Pressure Modulated InfraRed Radiometer
PMS             Pre-Main Sequence
PMT             PhotoMultiplier Tube
PN		Planetary Nebula
POCC            Payload/Platform Operations Control Center
POEM            Polar Orbiting Earth Mission
POP             PO Polyot
PPF             Columbus Polar Platform
PPM             Positions and Proper Motions (catalog)
PRTLS           Powered RTLS
PSF             Point Spread Function
PSR             PulSaR
PTC             Passive Thermal Control
PV              Photovoltaic
PVO             Pioneer Venus Orbiter / Protivo-Vosdushniya Oborona

QSO             Quasi-Stellar Object

RA              Right Ascension
RAE             Royal Aerospace Establishment
RAL             Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory
RAS             Royal Astronomical Society
RASC            Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
RCC             Reinforced Carbon-Carbon
RCI             Rodent Cage Interface
RCS             Reaction Control System / Revision Control System
RCT             Radiometric Calibration Target
REM             Rat Enclosure Module
RESTEC          Remote Sensing Technology Center
RF              Radio Frequency
RFI             Radio Frequency Interference
RFM             Reconfigurable Furnace Module
RFNA            Red Fuming Nitric Acid
RG		Red Giant
RGB		Red Giant Branch
RHC             Rotational Hand Controller
RIACS           Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science
RKA             Rossiskoye Kosmicheskoye Agentsvo
RMCD            Radaiation Monitoring Container Device
RME             Radiation Monitoring Experiment
RMS             Remote Manipulator System
RNGC            Revised New General Catalog
ROSAT           ROentgen Satellite
ROUS            Rodents Of Unusual Size
RPM             Retro Propulsion Module
RSN             Radio SuperNova
RTG             Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator
RTLS            Return To Launch Site
RVSN            Raketniye Voiska Stratigcheskovo Naznacheniya

S               Spiral (for galaxies)
SAA             South Atlantic Anomaly / Single Access Antenna
SAGA            Solar Array Gain Augmentation
SAIL            Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory
SAM             Shuttle Activation Monitor
SAMPEX          Solar Anomalous and Magnetospheric Particle EXplorer
SAMS            Space Acceleration Measurement System
SAO             Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
SAR             Search And Rescue / Synthetic Aperture Radar
SARA            Satellite pour Astronomie Radio Amateur
SAREX           Search and Rescue Exercise / Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment
SAS             Space Activity Suit / Space Adaptation Syndrome
SAT             Synthetic Aperture Telescope
SB              Spiral, Barred (for galaxies)
SBIR            Small Business Innovation Research
S/C             SpaceCraft
SCA             Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
SCT             Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope
SDI             Strategic Defense Initiative
SDIO            Strategic Defense Initiative Organization
SDSS            Sloan Digital Sky Survey
SECO            Sustainer Engine Cutoff
SEDS            Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
SEI             Space Exploration Initiative
SEM             Space Environment Monitor
SEP             Societe Europeenne de Propulsion
SEPAC           Space Experiments with Particle Accelerators
SEST            Swedish ESO Submillimeter Telescope
SETI            Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence
SHARE           Space Station Heat Pipe Advanced Radiator Element
SID             Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance
SIR             Shuttle Imaging Radar
SIRTF           Space InfraRed Telescope Facility
SIXA            Silicon X-ray Array
SL              (Comet) Shoemaker-Levy / SpaceLab
SL-J            SpaceLab Japan
SLAP            Space Link Access Protocol
SLAR            Side-Looking Airborne Radar
SLC             Space Launch Complex
SLF             Shuttle Landing Facility
SLS             Space(lab) Life Sciences
SMC             Small Magellanic Cloud
SME             Solar Mesosphere Explorer
SMEX            Small EXplorers
SMM             Solar Maximum Mission
SMS             Shuttle Mission Simulator
SN              SuperNova
SNG             Sodruzhestva Nezabisimikh Gosudarst
SNR             Signal to Noise Ratio / SuperNova Remnant
SNU             Solar Neutrino Units
SOB             Strap-On Booster
SOCC            Satellite Operations Control Center
SOFI            Spray-on Foam Insulation
SOFIA           Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy
SOHO            SOlar Heliospheric Observatory
SOLSTICE        Solar Stellar Irradiance Comparison Experiment
SPAN            Space Physics and Analysis Network
SPARTAN         Shuttle Pointed Autonomous Research Tool for Astronomy
SPAS            Space Pallet Satellite
SPDM            Special Purpose Dextrous Manipulator
SPH		Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics
SPOT            Systeme Probatoire pour l'Observation de la Terre
SPS             Solar Power Satellite
SPTN            SPARTAN
SR              Special Relativity
SRB             Solid Rocket Booster
SRM             Solid Rocket Motor
SSBUV           Shuttle Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet experiment
SSCE            Solid Surface Combustion Experiment
SSF             Space Station Freedom
SSI             Solid-State Imager / Space Studies Institut
SSME            Space Shuttle Main Engine
SSO             Spurious Shut-off
SSPF            Space Station Processing Facility
SSPO            Space Shuttle Program Office
SSPS            Sky Survey Prototype System
SSRMS           Space Station Remote Manipulator System
SSRT            Single Stage Rocket Technology
SSRV            Solar-Sail Race Vehicle
SST             Spectroscopic Survey Telescope / SuperSonic Transport
SSTO            Single Stage To Orbit
STARCAL         Star Calibration
STC             Stennis Test Center
STC             SHAPE Technical Center
STDCE           Surface Tension Driven Convection Experment
STIKSCAT        Stick Scatterometer
STIS            Space Telescope Imaging Spectrometer
STS             Shuttle Transport System / Space Transportation System
STScI           Space Telescope Science Institute
STSDAS          Space Telescope Science Data Analysis System
SUSIM           Solar Ultraviolet Spectral Irradiance Monitor
SWAN            Solar Wind Anisotropy Experiment
SWAS            Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite
SWF             ShortWave Fading
SWLC            Salt Water Leak Check

TAI             International Atomic Time
TAL             Transatlantic Abort Landing
TAU             Thousand Astronomical Unit
TCM             Trajectory Control Maneuver
TCS             Thermal Control System
TDRS            Tracking and Data Relay Satellite
TDRSS           Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System
TDT             Terrestrial Dynamic Time
TEA             Torque Equilibrium Attitude
TES             Thermal Emission Spectrometer
THIR            Temperature/Humidity Infrared Radiometer
TIG             Time of (until) Ignition
TIROS           Television InfraRed Observation Satellite
TKSC            Tsukuba Space Center
TM              Thematic Mapper
TOMS            Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer
TOPEX           Ocean Topography Experiment
TOPS            Toward Other Planetary Systems
TOS             Transfer Orbit Stage
TPCE            Tank Pressure Control Experiment
TPS             Thermal Protection System
TRMM            Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
TSM             Tail Service Mast
TSPK            Tsentr Podgotovka Kosmonavti
TSS             Targeted Search System / Tethered Satellite System
TSTO            Two Stage To Orbit
TSUP            Tsentr Upravileniya Polyoti
TTC             Telemetry, Telecommand, and Control
TWTA            Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier

U3P             Union pour la Promotion de la Propulsion Photonique
UARS            Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
UBM             Unpressurized Berthing Mechanism
UDMH            Unsymmetrical DiMethyl Hydrazine
UFO             Unidentified Flying Object
UGC             Uppsala General Catalog
UHF             Ultra High Frequency
UIT             Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope
UKST            United Kingdom Schmidt Telescope
UOSAT           University of Surrey Satellite
UPPP            Union pour la Promotion de la Propulsion Photonique
USA/RC          Universities Space Automation/Robotics Consortium
USAF            United States Air Force
USMC            United States Marine Corps
USML            United States Microgravity Laboratory
USN             United States Navy
USMP            United States Microgravity Payload
USO             Ultra-Stable Oscillator
UT              Universal Time
UTC             Coordinated Universal Time
UV              Ultraviolet
UVPI            Ultraviolet Plume Instrument
UVS             Ultraviolet Spectrometer

VAB             Vehicle Assembly Building
VAFB            Vandenberg Air Force Base
VAS             VISSR Atmospheric Sounder
VECO            Vernier Engine Cutoff
VEEGA           Venus-Earth-Earth Gravity Assist
VFT             Visual Function Tester
VHF             Very High Frequency
VIB             Vertical Integration Building
VICAR           Graphics format used by JPL
VISSR           Visible/Infrared Spin-Scan Radiometer
VLA             Very Large Array
VLBA            Very Long Baseline Array
VLBI            Very Long Baseline Interferometry
VLF             Very Low Frequency
VLT             Very Large Telescope
VMF             Voenno-Morskoy Flot
VMS             Vertical Motion Simulator
VOIR            Venus Orbiting Imaging Radar
VPF             Vertical Processing Facility
VRM             Venus Radar Mapper
VS SNG          Vooruzhennikh Sil SNG
VTHL            Vertical Takeoff Horizontal Landing
VTVL            Vertical Takeoff Vertical Landing
VVS             Voenno-Vosdushniye Sili

WD              White Dwarf
WFF             Wallops Flight Facility
WFPC            Wide Field/Planetary Camera
WFPCII          Replacement for WFPC
WIMP		Weakly Interacting Massive Particle
WINDII          Wind Imaging Interferometer
WIYN            Wisconsin/Indiana/Yale/NOAO telescope
WMO             World Meterological Organisation
WR              Western Range
WSGT            White Sands Ground Terminal
WSMR            White Sands Missile Range
WTR             Western Test Range
WUPPE           Wisconsin Ultraviolet PhotoPolarimter Experiment

XMM             X-ray Multi Mirror
XUV             Extreme Ultraviolet

YSC             Yokohama Science Center
YSO             Young Stellar Object

ZCG             Zeolite Crystal Growth
ZHR             Zenith Hourly Rate

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