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The views expressed on this page, all its sub-pages located on this site, and all its parent pages located on this site (when applicable) are solely the views of myself, James Marshall, and in no way, neither explicit nor implied, reflect the views of any group, organization, society, etc. of which I am or was a member. All external sites linked to from my site are the responsibility of their respective owners. Some pages on my site may have additional disclaimers that apply in addition to this one.

Notes on Images

Site navigation images (home, page back, page forward, e-mail, info / site map) were copied from clipart included in OpenOffice.org's Impress v3.1. Education, honor society, and professional society images were created from images found on the Internet of objects or symbols/logos on objects I own, and likewise for the yin yang (tai chi) symbol. This was done primarily for convenience and to obtain a better resulting image. Other images used to represent pages on this site were either taken/made by me, created from images on the Internet of objects I own, symbols/logos on objects I own, or obtained from sources that allow reuse of the images. To the best of my knowledge, background images used for pages on this site are: able to be reused freely (e.g., are in the public domain), copied with attribution, or copied with permission. Smush.it has been used on some images to reduce their size and improve page loading times. I think that all images on my site are being used in a permissible manner. However, if you think your images are being used improperly, please inform me. I will gladly work with you to resolve the issue.

Notes on Privacy

I was using Google Analytics 4 to record and track statistics for this web site, but this should be off now because I couldn't figure out how to get the code to work without causing errors. If I can figure it out, it may come back though, and this may send some of your information to Google, so if you want to opt-out of this, try this Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. I'd appreciate it if you didn't though, since having accurate web stats can help me improve my pages and site. AddThis tools have been removed from the site as of 2023-09-10 when I first realized that Oracle terminated this service. There could be remnants of their code if I didn't full clean up properly, but it will no longer function.

While I don't really have an explicit privacy policy, I don't like having my information spread around any more than you do. And since my pages are basically static, I don't think I'm asking for or collecting much, if any, information about you on my site. Tools I'm using that may collect some information are noted above, and apart from them, I will do my best not to send any information you may give me, directly or indirectly, to other parties.

Other Notes

Some items on this site use JavaScript and/or Flash and some functionality may be lost if they are not enabled in your browser. I don't think I'm using it for anything vital though, so you shouldn't miss much. The Google Translate toolbar will need Flash and translate.googleapis.com unblocked in order to function properly though. If you notice something missing or not working, it may be because you've disabled JavaScript and/or Flash or are blocking it/them somehow, whether intentionally or not, so please check these settings and options.

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