Spanish Gypsy Dance Phrasing

Many thanks to Henry Neeman for providing the following information and allowing me to post it on the web. As he related to me, the following phrasing is for one particular version of Spanish Gypsy Dance. Other songs/versions may have slightly different phrasing, sometimes repeating or deleting phrases, but it's usually in a few well-defined places in the song like the beginning. So just note that this is a general description that may not match your favorite version.


Count           Action                                          Length (beats)
1-88            ### PART I ###                                  88
Note:  in Part I, the action should suggest the entrada (entrance) of the
corrida (bullfight).  Showy rises, flamenco steps, claps, poses and so on are
especially appropriate here, as if this were the festivities preceeding the
corrida, when the matador (bullfighter) shows his prowess of movement and
technique, playing to the crowd.  The woman has her opportunity to present a
flamenco dancer, and to suggest a mood of approaching danger.  The bull has not
yet entered the ring.  Beats 69-88 should suggest the bull being released.
  1-32            rising                                          32
  33-36           transition/traveling                            4
  37-68           travel                                          32
    37-52           travel                                          16
    53-68           caping                                          16
  69-84           rising                                          16
  85-88           lunge or dip                                    4
89-158          ### PART II ###                                 70
Note:  in Part II, the action should suggest toying with the bull, with lots of
caping, Banderillas (spears stuck into the bull), Coupes de Pique (poking
the bull to annoy it) and so on.
  89-120          travel                                          32
    89-106          travel                                          18
    107-120         ?                                               14
  121-144         flamenco                                        24
    121-132         flamenco                                        12
    133-136         flamenco                                        4
    136-144         flamenco                                        8
  145-158         caping                                          14
    145-156         caping                                          12
    157-158         hold                                            2
159-244         ### PART III ###                                86
Note:  Part III should feature actions suggesting that the corrida is engaged
in earnest.  Beats 159-190 can feature more caping and taunting actions, but
the action should suggest more serious encounters.  Beats 191-206 show a pause
in the action -- and the mood -- before the final encounters in beats 217-234
and the slaying of the bull during beats 235-242.
  159-190         travel                                          32
  191-206         separations                                     16
  217-234         travel (Fregolina?)                             28
  235             hold *                                          1
  236-243         ending                                          8
  244             rest                                            1

* time filler

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