Pocky by Glico

Pocky is basically a thin biscuit/cookie/cracker stick (all the ones I've seen are made of wheat) dipped in one of any number of flavors such as melted chocolate or flavored cream (e.g., strawberry) to coat; there are lots of flavors, and some are regional and/or seasonal. It's made in Japan by Glico (English site) and I found out about it through my interest in anime. The official Pocky site is in Japanese, but can still be fun to look around. Some other Pocky sites are listed below. And for reference, the name doesn't rhyme with "hockey"; the pronunciation is actually very much like the English word "pokey", also spelled "poky". (The katakana for "pocky" convert to "pokkii" in Romaji if you're curious.) You can buy Pocky at your local Asian food store(s) or online (see my Pocky links below).

I made this page for two basic reasons. The first is that I couldn't find information on the number of Pocky sticks per pack or per box, which was the main quantity I was interested in. While I was recording them, I decided to also make a few notes about each flavor I tried, so the second reason for this page is to give you a little bit of extra information on the various flavors of Pocky. The numbers in the tables below are from my own experience and could vary, especially since these were recorded once when I tried a new flavor, and things could have changed over time. But I would expect them to be at least approximately correct in most cases. I've heard/read about a number of other flavors of Pocky, and if I am able to try them, I will add them to this list then.

Table of Pocky Flavors with Notes

Flavor Packs/Box Sticks/Pack Sticks/Box My Comments
Almond (Cream) 2 19 38 kind of mild flavor, some tiny bits of almonds or pretzels
Almond Crush, Cafe au Lait 4 6 24 has a coffee flavor, lots of almond bits
Almond Crush (Mild Chocolate) 4 6 24 lighter chocolate flavor, lots of almond bits
Almond-Coffee Crush 6 4 24 light coffee flavor, lots of almond bits
Berry Carnival 3 6 18 Says berry & acai, mainly just berry flavor
Blond Chocolat 4 6 24 seems like salted caramel
Brazilian Orange 2 14 28 orange flavor
Caramel Milk 1 Y Z forgot to add :(
Choco Blanc 2 16 32 milk chocolate with salt?
Chocolate 2 19 38 standard milk chocolate [8]
Chocolate Banana 1 Y Z mainly banana flavor
Chocolate Crush, Almond 6 4 24 milk chocolate with lots of almond bits
Chocolate Crush, (Cocoa) Cookie Crunch 6 4 24 milk chocolate with Oreo-like cookie pieces
Chocolate Crush, Salty Cookie Crunch 6 4 24 milk chocolate with some kind of cookie pieces
Chocolate on Chocolate, Caramel 4 3 12 light caramel flavor
Chocolate on Chocolate, Mild 4 3 12 light chocolate flavor
Chocolate on Chocolate, Praline 4 3 12 light praline flavor
Chocolate, Giant Size 24 1 24 standard milk chocolate, bigger version [7]
Coconut (Chocolate) 2 8 16 milk chocolate with coconut bits
Colorful Shower 2 14 28 lemon flavor coating with colored sugar sprinkles
Decorer Mont Blanc 4 3 12 coffee dip heavily striped with milk/cream [6]
Decorer Purely White 4 3 12 chocolate dip heavily striped with milk/cream [1] [6]
Decorer Strawberry Gateau 4 3 12 seems sim. to strawberry mousse heavily striped with milk/cream [2] [6]
Dessert 4 3 12 white chocolate dip? heavily striped with chestnut cream [6]
Dessert Chocolate Cake 4 3 12 chocolate dip heavily striped with dark chocolate [6]
Dessert Chocolate Banana Cake 4 3 12 banana dip heavily striped with chocolate [6]
Dessert Chocolate Orange 4 3 12 chocolate/orange dip heavily striped with chocolate/orange [6]
Dessert Marron 4 3 12 milk chocolate dip heavily striped with chestnut chocolate [6]
Dessert Strawberry Custard Cake 4 3 12 custard dip heavily striped with chocolate [6]
Dessert Tiramisu 4 3 12 cheese-like dip heavily striped with chocolate/coffee [6]
Dessert White Mont Blanc 4 3 12 coffee dip heavily striped with milk/cream[6]
Double Chocolat & Raspberry 3 4 12 raspberry flavored stick; thick, dark chocolate coating
Double Fromage 3 4 12 cocoa flavored stick; thick, white chocolate coating
Double Rich Matcha 2 14 28 matcha flavored stick; matcha coating
Double White & Lemon 3 4 12 lemon flavored stick; thick, white chocolate coating
G Hard & Rich 2 12 24 mine looked like a milk chocolate coating with dark chocolate dots
on it and a crunchier (maybe chocolate) stick [3]
Gokuboso/Ultra-Slim Chocolate 2 22 48 standard milk chocolate, very thin sticks
Green Tea Crush 6 4 24 lots of green tea (matcha) bits
Ivory Chocolate 2 15 30 white chocolate
Kinako 4 8 32 soybean flavor; to me, it resembles peanut butter [4]
Kurogoma 4 8 32 black sesame flavor slight nutty flavor [4]
Marble Mild & Bitter 3 4 12 milk chocolate dip, coffee flavor stripes ?
Marble Chocolat Framboise (Shocora) 3 4 12 milk chocolate dip, raspberry flavor stripes
Marron (Tsubutsubu) 4 6 24 chestnut flavor, some chestnut bits
Matcha 1 31 31 green tea flavor [11]
Matcha Chocolate Fukaaji Mattsucha 2 Y Z green tea flavor [11]
Men's (Bitter) Chocolate 2 19 38 dark chocolate, sort of bittersweet flavor
Midi Chocolate 3 4 12 two layers of chocolate, one whipped? [10]
Midi Lemon 3 4 12 two layers of lemon, one whipped? [10]
Midi Matcha 3 4 12 two layers of green tea, one whipped? [10]
Midi Strawberry 3 4 12 two layers of strawberry, one whipped? [10]
Milk / Cream 1 17 17 a sweet milk/cream, almost vanilla flavor
Milk Chocolate 2 17 34 chocolate, more milky flavored
Milk Chocolate Salty 2 16 32 chocolate, more milky flavored with a slightly salty taste
Milk Cocoa 1 16 16 chocolate flavored stick with light, milk coating
Milk Coffee 1 16? 16? light coffee flavor
Mint (Chocolate) 2 11 22 mint flavored chocolate
Mousse Black & Latte 3 5 15 coffee flavored dip, milk chocolate stripes [5]
Mousse Blueberry Yogurt 3 5 15 blueberry mousse [5]
Mousse Chocolate 3 6 18 chocolate mousse [5]
Mousse Green Tea 3 5 15 green tea mousse [5]
Mousse Mango Milk 3 5 15 mango mousse [5]
Mousse Strawberry 3 5 15 strawberry mousse [5]
Mousse White (Chocolate) 3 6 18 white chocolate dip, milk chocolate stripes [5]
Otona no Milk 2 13 26 milk/cream in crunchier stick, milk chocolate coating [9]
Pumpkin 1 16 16 light pumpkin flavor
Squeeze Grape 3 6 18 grape flavor stick with grape flavor coating [10]
Squeeze Mango 3 5 15 mango flavor stick with mango flavor coating [10]
Strawberry (Cream) 1 19 19 kind of mild flavor [8]
Strawberry (Tsubutsubu) 4 5 20 has bits of strawberry, slightly thicker coating
Sweet Milk 1 Y Z like milk/cream flavor, maybe a bit sweeter
Tahitian Vanilla 2 10 20 vanilla flavor
Tasty 2 12 24 chocolate flavor but a bit more buttery
The Milk 2 12 24 creamier milk chocolate coating, maybe a crunchier stick
Trinity Orange Peel 4 5 20 milk chocolate with dark chocolate coated orange peel bits
Wagokoro Azuki/"Red Beans" 4 6 24 red bean flavored stick, chocolate coating with crunchy red bean bits
Wagokoro Matcha/"Green Tea" 4 6 24 green tea flavored stick, chocolate coating with crunchy green tea bits
Winter Chocolate Fuyu no Kuchidoke 4 6 24 slightly thicker, richer chocolate coated with cocoa powder
Winter White Chocolate Fuyu no Kuchidoke 4 6 24 slightly thicker, white chocolate coating over chocolate stick

Comments on the Pocky Flavors

Some general notes first: While I generally like all of the flavors, if I had to pick a single favorite it would be Chocolate Crush (Cocoa) Cookie Crunch. The Winter Chocolate, Men's Chocolate, and Otona no Milk are also top choices for me. The Decorer, Dessert, and Midi flavors seem a bit more like treats to me because of the thicker coatings they have. I also like "Pocky's Friend" Pejoy, which is a filled cookie stick instead of a covered one (so kind of a reverse Pocky), but being a different product, I haven't listed it here. I think I've tried four flavors of it in the past, but only chocolate and green tea (matcha) are readily available locally where I shop.

[1] Thanks to a Japanese pen pal who sent this to me (along with some other food and snacks). It was very kind of her, and I returned the favor with a gift package of food and snacks from here in the USA.

[2] Many thanks to a friend I met at ballroom dances who brought this back for me when she took a trip back home to Japan. I appreciate her thoughtfulness.

[3] I don't know if the G Hard & Rich flavor is supposed to be dark chocolate dots on a milk chocolate coating. It doesn't look that way in pictures so I expected a smooth coating. I did order this over the summer though, so it may have had some slight damage because of the heat. The sticks did stick together in this and other packs, so maybe the dots were discolorations of the chocolate due to heat. *shrug*

[4] According to the box, these are considered healthy flavors. The web site that had more information about them (http://healthy.pocky.ne.jp/) appears to be down now.

[5] All of the Mousse flavors have dips that are kind of light and fluffy in texture (they are mousse after all), but there is more of it than on the regular flavors; that is, while the standard flavors have a rather thin coating, the mousse flavors have a thicker coating. The mousse flavors also tend to be on the mild/light side, they're not particularly strong.

[6] With the Decorer/Dessert flavors, I'm assuming white stripes are milk/cream and not, for example, white chocolate. It's hard to taste the stripes alone though, so I could be wrong. Dessert and Decorer seem to be essentially the same, and both have thicker coatings than the regular (non-mousse) flavors. For Chocolate Orange in particular, both the dip and stripes are the same color, so it's hard to tell if one or both add the orange flavor to the chocolate.

[7] The Giant Chocolate Pocky stick is significantly larger than a regular Pocky stick, but its flavored coating is about the same thickness as on a regular stick. I thought this was too little coating, and did not enjoy these as much as regular flavors.

[8] The regular Chocolate and Strawberry flavors also come in a larger family-style package with 9 packs of 7 sticks each for 63 sticks per box.

[9] The Otona no Milk flavor is a bit hard to describe, and I can't easily translate the Japanese text on the box for help. It seems like they've mixed a milk/cream flavor into the stick, giving it a crunchier texture. It actually reminds me of something like Butterfinger candy bars: crunchy, but with a toffee-like aspect. This stick is then coated in what I think is their usual milk chocolate flavor. It's good because you get flavor from both the milk/cream and the chocolate, and the different texture of the stick is nice for a change.

[10] The Midi and Squeeze flavors all have a shorter stick that may be slightly thicker than most other kinds, but I'm not sure. Their coatings are much thicker than on other flavors, and the Midi flavors appear to have two layers. I think one layer has more of a mousse consistency and the other more like a regular coating, but it's hard to tell.

[11] I don't think I can tell the difference between the Matcha and the Matcha Chocolate flavors. They're clearly labeled as different products, so there must be a difference, but I either can't taste it or cant' remember it.

Pocky Links (Info and Stores)

Most of the Pocky web sites I've come across have reviews of different flavors, and I haven't really found a truly comprehensive site for Pocky information (and no, this site isn't really meant to be one). However, here are a few sites that you might like to look at for additional information about this tasty snack.

And here are a few places to buy Pocky online:

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